Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ominous openings

Some stories have great opening lines that suck you in and don’t let you go.
For example, from George and Martha, “George was fond of peeking in windows.”
Other stories have opening lines that can only lead in one direction.
For example, from Our Life in Park Slope, “We were taking care of our neighbor's goldfish.”


Julie said...

Don't tell me something happened to them! I've been checking on that gold one every few hours since Sunday! Why doesn't he know not to get stuck in the leaves or under the filter?

Kap'n K'Law said...

because he's a fish.

Fish are NOT known to be great intellectuals or even middling students of common sense.

Unfortunately, they also do not know how to signal for help when a mysterious tube in their tank breaks and becomes a siphon, emptying gallons of water into the carpet, carpet pad, floor boards, etc.