Monday, June 04, 2007

Madge Monday

The unimaginable has happened. Madge agreed to get her hair cut short. She volunteered it, even. New York humidity has its benefits, I guess. See, what happened was this. We’ve been telling her and telling her that shorter hair is cooler (as in less hot) because it exposes your neck and in general doesn’t trap as much heat. Of course she didn’t buy it. But, luckily, she actually heard it and remembered it. (Which she does with many, many other things that I don’t always realize at the time.) The other day it was, to her, unbearable, and we used a clip to put her hair up. She was amazed at the difference and, after about half an hour, said that she wants a haircut. Short. Like mommy’s.
I’m just relieved that we don’t have to fight about brushing the hair anymore.

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xineymarie said...

i disagree -- i specifically grow my hair for summer because i like being able to put it up, both off my neck AND out of my face (shorter hair falls in the face more frequently, i've found). it also takes less time for me to 'do', since you can just throw longer hair in a ponytail, rather than having to make sure the short hairs are all in their [untethered] places.

...then again, i'm not responsible for untangling a seven-year-old's knots. so i can see that particular logic. a few weeks ago i had a rather unproductive chat with my boyfriend's niece (age 4) about us unknotting HER hair. i did not receive permission, and greg made her cry. oh well.