Saturday, December 05, 2009

our modern age

I'm not sure how to write this up, but Julie and I had an insight the other night. I would have marked the date because of its momentousness, but we were too exhausted from all the thinking and mental assembling we did.
Coco saw his music teacher and told in an odd tone - a tone of marvel and mystery - that his music teacher's name is Mr. McG- and that he is married and that his wife's name is - at this point he looked around furtively - Mrs. McG-.
Julie and I were wondering why he thought this was important and secretive to point out when we realized-
-He thinks there's something incestuous about a husband and wife having the same last name.
Of course, in today's time, when his own parents and most of his friends' parents have different last names, the only way a married couple would share a name after saying "I do" was if they already had the same name beforehand.
Blows your mind, doesn't it?
I wonder what he's been thinking about all his grandparents all this time. But he probably doesn't know that they even have last names.

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