Monday, November 02, 2009


In a sense, Julie and I got lucky and Madge and Coco didn't get jealous.
Because, man, in our Bert and Ernie costumes, we were celebrities.
"Look, it's Bert and Ernie!" "Hey, Bert!" "Ernieeee!" Over and over again.
Highlights include:
A group of Asians had their picture taken with us. Various kids had their pictures taken with us, too, but the Asian group was in their twenties.
Kids ran up and hugged us. One kid, while Coco and I were in line for a haunted house, just held my hand for a while.
And one kid, believing a bit too much, asked me, "Bert, what are you going as?"
We, of course, played it up and waved to anyone who recognized us.
Individually, we didn't get as much attention. When Julie was out on her own or when I was off doing something, we didn't get as many shouts. But the one-two combination of America's favorite same-sex couple was always a hit.
Warms the heart.


Karenn said...

Photos please!! Sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

How about putting a picture on month of October in next years calendar.Hint, Hint Granny