Wednesday, August 12, 2009

repeat but new

Coco is getting older. This is obvious to everyone except his parents. Whenever I do notice, though, it tends to be in context of him doing something that Madge once did. Right now, for example, he argues more and more when he's asked to desist or change or something.
It seems I should know how to handle it. Patience seemed to work okay for Madge. But here's the catch: she doesn't have much of it and jumps on him very quickly.
Also when he ventures theories of causality. "I got my wart from the ocean." (Because that's where we first discovered it.)
She's like the lyric from that "Mother-in-law" song: Every time I open my mouth, she steps right in and puts me out.
Now that I wrote that line, it makes little sense. But that's how I remember it. So there.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget EVERY child is different and not only being a boy or girl. And boy do boy's and girls think differently. Granny