Monday, August 31, 2009

clarification on heads and tails

A recent twitter post of mine was a little vague, I think. I guess 140 characters can't explain too much.
It involves the guy at the video store and his daughter. Both were little. I'm saying this because I think his size influenced the Napoleonic bullying of his offspring. Anyway, she was about five and had picked some Lion King sequel and he groaned, "Not again!" Then he followed it with, "You haven't seen this Harry Potter movie yet. Let's get this."
Now, I'm not really into censoring but this kid was too young to really get much of the movie, so it was clearly for him. When she didn't bite, he topped it off with,
"I'll tell you what. We'll flip a coin. Heads: I win; tails: you lose."
Seriously. Even Madge later said, "I couldn't believe that. That was really mean."
Way to make your offspring a sucker. He even clarified it to her to make sure she knew the difference between heads and tails and then quickly glossed over the fact that she'd lose either way.
Let me rephrase that. She wouldn't get to choose the movie she wanted. But I think he loses either way.

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Lora Salfi said...

I'm afraid she is the one who loses