Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coco Tuesday

Because I wasn't aware of the calendar and the class schedule of my Level 2 Improv class, I wound up bringing the kids to the class show last night. Luckily, some friends responded to my last-minute invite so the kids didn't have to sit on their own.
I had prepped them (or plied them) by saying that they are part of the show because they could shout out suggestions. As a result, Madge got in three suggestions before anyone else in the house even woke up to the idea that they could do the same.

Teacher: A location that fits on the stage, please.
Madge: House!
Teacher: Okay, what room in the house?
Madge: Dining Room.

Teacher: A relationship, please.
Madge: Hatred.
Teacher: ?
Me [aside]: Two people who hate each other.
Teacher: Two people who hate each other.

Teacher: A specific time.
Madge: Midnight!

And off we went. Though now that I look at these three - dining room, hatred, midnight - maybe there's something she'd like to discuss.

Later in the show Madge got out another suggestion, after which was heard Coco's voice: "Madgiiiie-uhh!"
Because he wanted to get one off, too.
He finally did, one that led to a fun scene filled with ominous dramatic irony:

And now he can't wait to do again because he wants to say, "Golden Toilet Convention."
What the...? Has he been reading Moore's Utopia on the sly?

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