Wednesday, July 08, 2009

behind again

It's tough to keep up with the blogging on vacation days because the kids always want a piece of the computer. Sorry. I'll do my best.
Meanwhile we're in the middle of getting ready for our trip to Disneyworld with the grandparents. Whoo!
Yesterday's installment included three haircuts. Juno, our hairdresser/stylist snipped his finger in the process. Luckily my dad-bag comes not only with Nintendo DSs but also with band-aids, so we were good to go.
Today's installment involves the storage unit and picking up some more summer clothes. Also dropping off some winter items. I think we won't need snow pants in 80-degree weather, but you never know.
And of course the pool. Let's not forget the pool.
Meanwhile the kids are percolating on the couch and can't wait to get packing. Only four more days, but who's counting?

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