Thursday, May 29, 2008

getting big?

Coco wanted to be left at home today while I went to get Madge from school.
Nothing doing, pal.
And on the way to school this morning we ran into a friend of Madge's who was walking to school unaccompanied by parents.
What is it with kids growing up?
Be responsible and adult about the things I don't want to be involved in, like heinie-wiping and endless going-to-sleep routines, not simple things like walking to school.
In general, I've noticed - with the change in the weather and the ensuing change of wardrobe - how much bigger the kids have gotten over the year. Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

Pepe comes ALONE on the bus to our place and walks from the bus stop on Spainische Allee ( I met him at the bus stop the first time and then it was Granny stay home I know the way) He also goes to school alone on bike or schooter, which I think is toooooo far and tooooo many streets he has to cross. And of course I have to think of the time he fell and stopped a car to have them phone home, turned out the driver of the car was a classmate of Nati and Jens and took Pepe home ( but of course Pepe didn't know this and got into the car. He was lucky)