Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not Quite Done with Madge Monday

The whole TV thing. Julie's been waiting for this day to come. My dad, the kids' Opa has been telling me they'll feel left out and have nothing to talk about.
I still find it odd that she's branded now. I understand this is the case, but I find it odd. Madge told Julie that when her friends ask her why she didn't see the shows they talk about, she says it's because we don't have cable, at which her friends gasp - in proxy pain, I assume.
Julie says her own coworkers did/do the same thing when she can't relate to American Idol moments, for example. Weird.
Poor Madge will have to wear a scarlet C for "cable-less." Until we rectify the situation, that is.

Since it was only one of several first-time parent idealist stances, maybe I should make her eat meat, drink soda and beer, and start smoking now, too. Or do I wait for her to make the first move?

Wait. No. That'll be Coco.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever talk about Vicki, Biene Maya, or sandmachen with your friends, I know it's a LONG time ago, but think back. Remember the laughing fits with Jens over Tom and Jerry. On another note would you let her watch the programs that her friends are talking about? And just think of the fights with programs too old or not suited for Coco and he wants to watch them anyway. Have fun.