Saturday, September 08, 2007


Julie, as you may or may not know, now works for a new company (new to us, not to the world).
The old one blocked my blog. I don't claim causality, but the facts remain.
Anyway, her new company is more conscious of the impact of its act of producing and selling than the old one was.
(For the corporate angle,
see here.)
I'm learning all about the company and its products, of course. Just ask me about any of the almond oil products. Omigod you gotta try them. Buy them. Put them all over yourself and feel mm-mmm pampered. It makes me want to take multiple showers. It makes me wish I were bald so I could rub it all over my scalp.

Enough, already.
Julie is also fond of the Shea Butter products. Which is why we had this conversation.

The women's collective thing is great. Apparently only women get to touch the Shea trees and handle the nuts -

[I hadn't heard the "-"; they're very hard to hear in a conversation. And I couldn't resist the seventh-grade joke]
What a coincidence, because I also only let women handle my Shea tree and touch my nuts.

JULIE [not even cracking a smile]
- and beat them into a paste.


Anonymous said...

julie is awesome! YEAH!

Goedi said...

I thought that was obvious. But, yes, it's worth pointing out again.
Julie IS awesome.