Friday, September 21, 2007

Does this actually happen in real life?

I don’t know how to write this up accurately, but here it is.
My parents are both seventy, as of Wednesday. Happy Birthday, Mom!
This means that their friends are about that age as well.
Because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble directly, though why not I’m not so sure, let’s pose this as a series of hypotheticals.
Part one. A is having an affair. He says to his wife that he is going somewhere with his friend B, somewhere where they can’t be reached, like camping or hiking or whatever. Now B needs to be off the map for the duration of A’s tryst and asks if he can stay at your place so that B’s wife can’t get in touch with him and figure things out for A’s wife. Would you let B stay at your place?
Hypothetical, part two. If all these people were in their late sixties or early seventies, would you think it’s a little late for a midlife crisis thingy?
Hypothetical, part three. If any of the people involved were your parents (and, in their defense, you’d assume there were degrees of guilt and innocence and therefore they were on the innocent-ish end of the spectrum), what would you drink to soothe your nerves? And at what time of day would you start?
Bottoms up.


Anonymous said...

tequila. upon waking. unless i just told them no, they could not stay at my place, which is what I would probably do.

Anonymous said...

rum and coke. 24/7. But I don't think I'd let them stay at my place either. I think this has the makings of a great soap opera episode.

Anonymous said...

Nice write up, son. The guest has left,(and in my defense I didn't know about it until he was here, but papa did)and his buddy phoned here after the guest had already left to go back home. Now it gets better why did he have to leave after only being here 4 days. He got a phone call from a former girl friend from when he lived in the States she was having a long layover in Frankfurt airport and he was going to drive there to meet her and help pass the time away. He's only 69, never been married.