Monday, July 30, 2007

Madge Monday

I need to start taking my voice recorder with me again. I know I had something but now it's gone.

Ah, unrelated, but: I saw a barbershop in the neighborhood with a sign in the window that reads,
"We specialize in all styles."

(A little unclear on the verb, methinks.)

Oh, verbs and other parts of speech: Madge is into Madlibs now. But we don't have a car or lengthy trips, so we do them around the house. Fun, but not really a game for the whole family. A) because Coco can't play, B) because they tend to be funnier when you use borderline crass words. Which Madge can't spell yet.

We also had a sleepover playdate this weekend. Quite a bit of work, but these things alwasy give refreshing insights into how well our kids are doing in much of their social and intellectual development. (Which is to say that Madge's friend is quite a princess.)

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