Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Coco Tuesday Bypassed

By a story too good to pass up.
We had friends over for game night. A family with twin girls Madge's age and a younger girl only slightly older than Coco.
When I was taking out my contacts after everyone had left, I saw some hair by the sink (and remembered an odd conversation between Emily and her mom in which Emily asked if the mom liked her curls). Madge and Julie were in the bedroom.
Me: Who cut her hair?
Madge: Emily.
Julie: How much did she cut?
Madge: Just enough to get your electric toothbrush out.


Anonymous said...

I am being obtuse, but I don't get the electric toothbrush thing. Did Em really cut her hair? Yikes!
(Mom of said haircutter)

Goedi said...

Well, after inspection of Julie's electric toothbrush, there was indeed a strand of brunette hair entwined in the bristles. And there was more brunette hair around the sink. So, yes, the evidence leads to an Em haircut.
Creative problem-solving would be the positive spin on the situation, I believe.

Goedi said...

Also, apparently Madge told Julie a bit later that Em had been massaging her own shoulders and neck with the toothbrush when the incident occurred.