Sunday, May 02, 2010

you from here?

I was out last night, in a neighborhood I don't usually frequent, waiting for a show to start.
Some tourists approached me and said, "Are you from around here?"
Guessing that they'd want local insight from me, I said, "No, not really."
Because, really, I live about 100,000 people away from where I was and I don't know that neighborhood. Or, more specifically, not those blocks of that neighborhood, and in New York (and other cities) that can make all the difference (these people, I think, were not from a city).
Their spokeswoman, a blonde with a southern-ish accent (maybe Missouri) said, "Oh, because you look like you live in New York."
Foolishly (given her intoxication level as indicated by her lack of personal-space-respect and slurred speech), I tried to clarify. "Well, I live in New York, but I don't know this neighborhood."
"Too bad," she said, and then added in a condescending tone "we were hoping you could tell us where we can hear some music without a fifteen dollar cover charge."
I'm New York-y enough to boldly answer something like that. So I did. "Try the subway; the music's pretty good and the cover charge is only $2.25 a person."

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Karenn said...

You are awesome! And some street musicians are cursing you for sending hecklers their way...