Tuesday, September 29, 2009

shirts or skins

After dinner the kids and I went to the "fake grass" to throw a baseball around. There was a soccer game going on and Madge noticed how longingly I was staring in its direction, so she said, "Why don't you just ask if you can play?"
I said, "But what about you guys?"
"We don't mind, do we Coco?"
Coco didn't respond but finally agreed.
Problem was, they had teamed up dark shirts against light shirts and I was wearing a dark shirt, but the dark shirts were already outnumbering the light shirts.
So I went shirtless.
My general rule of thumb with shirts v. skins is to go with skins if you want to win, shirts if you want to have more fun. See, shirts tends to have all the girls and skins are people who like to show off their upper bodies, so their either buff or not smart or both.
But that was not the case here - except for the not smart bit - and after the game Madge said I ought to exercise my chest more because it was bouncing around a lot.
pffffffff [that's the sound of a deflated dad]

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Anonymous said...

Oh Madge you are sooooooo good! Maybe weights as a christmas present. Who won? Granny