Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coco Tuesday

We had a picnic yesterday in the park along with two or three other people who had the same idea on a Memorial Day. I know you've never thought of it, but you might try celebrating the beginning of the summer season with an outdoor meal. I'm sure you'll find a nic spot if you show up at 5:3o am.
We found a nice spot right next to a little pile of doggie doo. It was already congealed, so this was prime real estate.
And we met some good friends, so our outing was great.
One of these friends says that she is waiting for Coco to turn eighteen so she can finally marry him. He likes her, too.
Yesterday he asked her, "Are you into Transformers?"
She thought he was trying to talk to her about toys he likes, but I - as an awkward male - know different: he was prepping her to ask her to the movies when Transformers II comes out.


Anonymous said...

And this at 5 years old, boy are they starting young to have such thoughts, taking girls to movies, is he going to pay for her too. Ha, ha

Anonymous said...

Und ich, als Mutter noch älterer Jungs, habe gedacht, was wohl ein 19 jähriger mit "Are you into Transformers" gemeint hätte. Vor allem nach dem mein Ältester sich letztens Unterhosen kaufte mit dem Aufdruck "Long vehicle"...

Goedi said...

Are you suggesting, dear sister, that Transformers might be surrogates for male genitalia?
Makes sense.
"Sure, it looks like a pedestrian machine now, but just wait until it's called to action!"