Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Friends of ours invited us to a party to celebrate the outcome of the election and the party is entitled B.Y.O.B.ama. See? Punny.
I told Madge about it and she asked what byob stands for.
So I told her and she said, "Why? Didn't they want Obama to win?"
(This one may take a while so SOUND OUT what byob stands for, especially the last "b".)
I was confused about this and started explaining that people don't just drink alcohol when they're unhappy. In a roundabout way I thought she might have gotten that impression because I occasionally play and/or sing country songs around the apartment.
But then it finally surfaces that she didn't know the word "booze" and didn't relate it to the idea of alcohol.
She thought I had said "Boo's."


Anonymous said...

good play on words, wonder what Bo has to say or if she just laughed. Mama

Christine said...

i was confused too by your explanation - i consider the last b as being "bottle", not "booze" (though the latter is typically what is contained in the former in this context). but that is pretty funny. had madge assumed that otherwise the hosts would have been booing FOR their guests?